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We open new payment methods (SMS + CARD + PAYPAL), please read this news to learn more about how to use them.
For all users and new customers best wishes for new 2013 year. We wish you many hours spent on hunting creatures in Tibia :) PS. If you have some questions about your orders please write an email ? this is the fastest way to contact with us.
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senz (2010-08-04
Hello,I have bought my char world transfer and i need it asap,will be ready in 1 hour 30 min?? Thanks in advice. Good service and easy to use.
philipptibia (2012-07-13
Hello, bought your service once with traditonal bank transfer, hope you offer this payment methode again in the future !
Celebryt (2011-04-01
I wanted to transfer my character to another server. And Help2 expained me where i should go and put my items and gold. All was fine, and tooday i'm on new server!! Great shop!
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